Music plays an important role in our lives, society and culture. Folk music is perhaps the most important musicalgenre because it is rooted in the stories of the people themselves. Folk music keeps people connected to their past and own culture. The Folkmusic Talks Podcast features interviews with legendary folk musicians from all over the world, but especially from South America. Listen to these very personal stories. More information, and podcasts about tango music, you can also find on

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Folkmusic podcast

Latest Episodes

Luna Monti – a singer with a wonderful voice and enormous charisma

Maria Soledad Lucas, known artistically as Luna Monti, is a singer of immense talent, with a wonderful voice and enormous charisma. Her mother was born in the province of San Luis. She moved to Buenos Aires at 19 and married a young widower with four children shortly thereafter.

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Pepe Torres – La guitarra de oro del Peru

The successful musician, composer, and guitar master showed his passion for the guitar from a very young age, as he listened to his father playing huayno melodies. Later, he fell in love with the guitar of Alejandro Rodríguez from the group "Los Embajadores Criollos." From then on, his world...

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Rosa Guzmán – The extraordinary Afro-Peruvian singer Rosa Guzmán

I visited Rosa Guzmán at her home in the Barranco neighborhood of Lima, accompanied by the Quechua singer Consuelo Jeri. Rosa told me how, in her childhood, musicians would gather at her father's house, a guitarist and composer, to eat beans and play together. And she talked to me...

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Susana Baca – The music of Peru

Susana Baca was born on May 24, 1944 in Lima and grew up in the Chorrillos district. Her father was a guitarist, her mother a dancer, and her cousins Ronaldo Campos and Caitro Soto had founded the famous ensemble „Perú Negro“.

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Pedro Rodriguez – The music of Peru

Pedro Rodriguez was born in Arequipa, in southern Peru, at the foot of the Misti, Chachani and Pichu Pichu volcanoes. He grew up in a very musical family. At first, Pedro was mainly interested in classical music. As a teenager, he discovered the Andean music of the Altiplano.

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