Folk Music Talks, the team

Our podcast team consists of Helena Rüegg and Rob Bangert

Helena Rüegg

Helena Rüegg is the host of the podcast “Music Masters Count”. Helena knows the world of Argentine tango like no one else. She not only studied bandoneon in Argentina with Rodolfo Mederos and Julio Pane, in Paris with Juan José Mosalini and at the Rotterdam Codarts Conservatory. As a bandoneon player, Helena travels all over the world to give concerts with various ensembles and orchestras. 

As a journalist, he was able to interview all the greats of Argentine tango at the end of the 90s, many of them unfortunately deceased in the meantime. His interviews are now published in this podcast series. Before they had been used for one of the reference works on tango  “Tango, Geschichte und Geschichten”   a book that has been translated into several languages.

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Rob Bangert

The producer of the “Masters of Music Count” podcast series is Rob Bangert. Rob studied musicology at the University of Amsterdam and classical and electric guitar at the Amsterdam Conservatory. After these experiences he studied tango at the Avellanada School of Popular Music in Buenos Aires. There he met Rodolfo Mederos, with whom he performed for the first time in Buenos Aires and later made two extensive tours of Europe. In addition to the technical production of the series, Rob is also responsible for public relations and marketing. He also manages the website and social media. 

Rob and Helena also form a musical duo (Dúo La Luna, bandoneon and guitar). Several Argentine composers have written works especially for this duo such as Rodolfo Mederos, Quique Sinesi, Máximo Diego Pujol, Pablo Estigarribia and Emanuel Trifilio.

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