Lágrima Ríos, an interview

Lagrima Rios – the black pearl of Tango and the lady of Candombe – is an emblematic singer of both musical styles.

As the daughter of a black maid and an unknown white, she bridges the two cultures. Because of her dark skin, she was not allowed to sing tangos publicly when she was young. Fortunately, this has changed in the meantime.

However, Uruguayan blacks continue to be discriminated against, Lagrima Rios told me when I visited her in 1996 at her home on the legendary Calle Durazno.

As president of the cultural association „Mundo Afro“ she continued to fight against this with uninterrupted energy. Despite her 72 years and 53 years of experience as a professional singer, her spirit is tremendously young, she assured me.

Listen to what this extraordinary woman, who died in 2006 at the age of 82, tells us about tango, candombe and carnival in Uruguay!

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