Carlos Aguirre, an interview

Today I present to you the pianist, guitarist, singer and composer Carlos Enrique Aguirre, better known as “Negro Aguirre.” I visited him at his home in Entre Rios in January 2011. Negro Aguirre is a virtuoso of all kinds of musical styles, including folklore. Argentine, Brazilian, improvised music and jazz.

Carlos Aguirre was born on July 15, 1965 in Segui, province of Entre Ríos. He loves the Paraná River, which he grew up with. Before interviewing him, we took a long walk by the river, whose fish were already threatened at that time, something that hurts Carlos a lot and against which he fights along with others.

At the age of 5, Carlos begins to play the piano and improves it with several outstanding teachers. After playing with guitarist Luis Salinas for a few years, he founded the Carlos Aguirre Quartet in 1996. He performed with this ensemble on the most important stages of Santa Fe and Entre Ríos and quickly became known throughout the country. He shares the stages with other important musicians from the Litoral such as Jorge Fandermole, Liliana Herrera and Chacho Müller.

In the year 2000, il Negro Aguirre founded the independent label Shagrada Megra to promote the music of the Litoral and, especially, young and still unknown musicians. Aguirre has edited many wonderful Compacts with a very special design. The Paraná, an impressively wide river with a calm flow, gave our conversation a philosophical direction, in keeping with the nature of Negro Aguirre:

For Carlos, art implies a constant search for new answers. He wants to continue with what characterizes the music of his idols Eduardo Falú and Cuchi Leguizamón: the connection between tradition and the development of Argentine folklore and other musical styles such as jazz and Brazilian rhythms.

Carlos reads a lot and is inspired by these books for his music. In January 2011, he was studying the work of Italo Calvino. Another source of inspiration are the memories of old musicians from the Litoral such as “Zurdo Martínez”, which Carlos wants to preserve for future generations and for this reason he records them on Compact.

Listen for yourselves to everything Negro Aguirre told me that morning in Entre Ríos and what philosophy of life characterizes this inspiring and virtuoso exceptional musician.

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