Jaime Torres, an interview

jaime Torrres

jaime Torrres

Today we are dedicated to a legend of Latin American folklore: the charango player Jaime Torres. I visited him at his house on January 1, 1994. His rehearsal room was full of instruments, records, pictures and books about Quechua culture – and on the walls hung the memories of his countless tours around the world. world.

Jaime Torres, the son of Bolivian immigrants, was born in Tucuman on September 21, 1938 and grew up in Buenos Aires. Since he recorded the Misa Criolla with Ariel Ramirez in 1964 and made his first tour of Europe in 1965, he has made the Charango famous throughout the world.

In 1974 he played at the opening of the soccer world championship in Germany. Ten days before our talk, he had performed with the Buenos Aires Philharmonic Orchestra at the beautiful Teatro Colon during their Christmas concert, another highlight of his long career. Jaime Torres died on December 24, 2018 at the age of 80.

Listen for yourselves what Jaime Torres has told me about the Charango and the various musical adventures of it!

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