Rosa Guzmán, complete transcription


This is the complete transcription in Spanish of the podcast with Rosa Guzman



Rosa Guzmán

Dear listeners of our podcast series, The Masters of Music Speak, welcome! A few weeks ago, I traveled through Peru to learn about the musical culture of this wonderful country, nestled between the beautiful Pacific coast and the impressive Andes mountain range.

Today, I present to you my encounter with the extraordinary Afro-Peruvian singer Rosa Guzmán. More information about her and the transcript of the interview can be found on our website. And please, write to us if you have any questions or suggestions about our podcasts.

I visited Rosa Guzmán at her home in the Barranco neighborhood of Lima, accompanied by the Quechua singer Consuelo Jeri. I will introduce you to this singer in the next podcast.

Rosa offered us a glass of Pisco. And since it was still very cold on this September day in 2022, I eagerly accepted. We became very cheerful thanks to this delicious national drink of Peru. But above all, because Rosa has a great sense of humor:

“I was born in Barranco. Guess my age. I’ll just say that I’m older than Eva Ayllón. I have five albums and Despertar is the latest production I’ve made. I’m on my way to record my next album. “The Ministry of Culture gave me a recognition a few years ago as a ‘Meritorious Personality of Peruvian Culture.’ Even though my dad didn’t want me to sing, I would say thank you for everything he has taught me. And he would say to me, ‘You didn’t listen to me, but you’re doing well.’ My ex-husband didn’t want me to sing either. I had to separate to be able to sing. And I have dedicated 21 years to this art. My mother told me that the only inheritance she would leave me is education, which would help me become someone.”

This is how Rosa Guzmán presented herself in an interview with the Peruvian newspaper Peru21.

Paco de Lucia

Rosa told me how, in her childhood, musicians would gather at her father’s house, a guitarist and composer, to eat beans and play together. And she talked to me about the Peruvian origins of the Cajon and how Paco de Lucia discovered it at a concert by the legendary Carlos Caitro and then integrated it into flamenco.

Listen for yourself to everything that Rosa Guzmán, this fascinating singer of Creole and Afro-Peruvian music, told me at her home in Barranco!Rosa


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